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Ordering Checks Is Easy

You can order checks many convenient ways! The easiest way to order, is by clicking the link below and ordering them online from Harland Clarke. Online ordering not for you? You can mail us a request or choose the other options listed:

  • ACU, P.O. Box 57020, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7020
  • Fax: (405) 789-1085
  • Branch: Drop your reorder form at any location
  • Phone: Give us a call to place your order
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Get Faster Access to All Your Account Details

Download the ACU app today.

Transfer funds, make peer-to-peer payments, and even deposit checks directly from your smartphone or tablet. Download the Allegiance mobile app today!


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What this guide includes:

Free budgeting templates and expert tips.

Money-saving tips and templates to help you manage your monthly budget successfully.

  1. Why you need a budget
  2. Keeping track of your expenses
  3. Setting realistic savings goals 
  4. Ways to stretch your budget
  5. Growing emergency savings