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Never Run Out Of Stamps

With Allegiance Bill Pay we will mail your payments for you! No more trips to the post office or headaches wondering if your payment will be received on-time. Enroll by following these easy steps:

  • Click the ENROLL NOW button below
  • Review and accept the enrollment disclosures
  • Log-in to Online Banking
  • Set up payments and reminders
Enroll Now
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The Fast and Easy Way to Pay Bills

  • Securely pay all your bills in one place
  • Pay individuals, utility companies and even small businesses
  • You can pay friends and family with just an email
  • Group payments to stay organized
  • Transfer money between accounts
  • Set email reminders when bills are ready or due
  • Set up automatic payments each month

Make paying bills simple.

Set up reminders.

You’ll never forget to pay your essential bills again!

Added security.

Bill pay is more secure than paper billing. You’ll avoid any risk of payment being lost and retain funds until payment is received and presented for deposit.

Keep bills in one place.

Avoid paper clutter and keep all your bill pay information in one convenient location.

Schedule payments.

Get ahead of the game. Schedule your payments in advance when it’s most convenient for you.

Get Faster Access to Your Account Details

Download the ACU app today.

Transfer funds, pay bills, make peer-to-peer payments, and even deposit checks directly from your smartphone or tablet. Download the Allegiance mobile app today!

  • Download on the App Store
  • Get it on Google Play