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What Is A Debit Card?

A debit card is used to access cash in your Checking Account. You can use it at an ATM to withdraw cash or swipe it at a retailer to make a purchase. You can also use a debit card to make online purchases and set up automatic withdrawals. A debit card is safer than carrying cash and more readily accepted than checks.

  • Fast, free, easy, and safer than cash.
  • Make purchases everywhere VISA(R) is accepted.
  • 24/7 access to funds at ATMs.

New and Replacement Cards

For A New Debit Card:

If you don’t already have an Allegiance Checking Account, visit the Checking Account page and apply. Your checking account comes with a VISA Debit Card.

For A Replacement Debit Card:

If you already have a checking account and need a replacement debit card, you can order one by calling us or by visiting our Main Branch, Edmond Branch, or South Branch and we'll issue a new card instantly.


Access your money wherever you go!

In addition to our four branch locations, we are excited to be a part of the CO-OP Shared Branch Network which provides you access to over 5,600 shared branches! Feel right at home when you visit participating credit unions in all 50 states.

Additionally, members of ACU have access to surcharge-free ATMs at all TransFund locations.
Shared Branch Locations: CO-OP Shared Branches
Surcharge Free ATMs: TransFund Locations
Oklahoma Credit Union Service Centers:


Have more questions?

We are here to answer all of your questions. Let us know how we can help!

All of our locations with the exception of our Downtown Corporate Tower branch can instantly issue debit cards.

Typically your card will arrive 7-10 business days from the day it was ordered.

If your debit card was instant issued at a branch, you can start using your card right away. If you received your debit card through the mail, please follow the activation instructions that were included with your new card.

Your debit card comes with a standard $1,000 ATM daily withdrawal limit and $3,000 point of sale purchase daily limit. Please call 405-789-7900 to request a temporary limit increase. 

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