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Stay on top of your Allegiance account, without checking your balance every five minutes. Our e-Lerts Text Alerts notify you of account balance and transaction activity — for free! 

Avoid overdraft fees, stop fraud in its tracks, and more — all thanks to a quick, convenient text. You can even customize alerts to meet your specific needs. Let Allegiance help you relax. Sign up for free text alerts today!

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Get Started

Authorize your phone to receive text alerts:

  • Log into online banking
  • Hover over "Access Accounts"
  • Click "Mobiliti"
  • Look for your phone number (not just the nickname of your device, but the actual digits of the phone number)
    • If phone number is not listed, then click "Add Device" and register the number
    • If phone number is listed or once you register it, then click the drop down box and choose "Change my Mobile Banking Services" and click "Go"
  • Select which options you would like, but make sure "Text Messaging" and "Alerts" are checked and click "Continue"
  • You will be sent an activation code on your cell that you need to enter to register the phone for texts

Configure the types of alerts you would like to receive:

  • Scroll back up to top of screen and hover over "Access Accounts"
  • Click "e-mail Notification"
  • Click the bullet beside "e-Lerts Options" and click "Continue"
  • Click "Add e-Lert Notification"
  • Choose which alert you want and click "Add Alert"
  • Customize your alert then click "Continue" and answer "Yes"
  • Repeat for additional alerts