What documents are required to apply for an ITIN mortgage loan?

There are a variety of documents required based on the set of unique circumstances.

The following chart may help provide some additional insight into what documents you may need to apply for your ITIN mortgage loan:

Document: When Required:
Current ITIN Letter Always
2 years – Filed Federal Tax Returns Always
Most recent 30 days of pay stubs On a W2 employee
Last 2 years of W2s On a W2 employee
Last 2 years of 1099s When applicable
2 years – Filed Business Tax Returns On self-employed borrowers only
Alternative credit (allowed on a case by case basis, UW to review and accept) No credit – must obtain 3 nontraditional sources
Assets (most recent 60 days bank statements) All purchases | Refi - only when bringing funds to closing
Homeowner’s insurance (quote or current policy) Always
Current Mortgage Statement  Always on existing mortgages