Allegiance loves to share! We have developed a set of money-smart seminars that we take on the road to any business or organization that is interested. 

We can arrange your seminar to take place during lunch — and we'll even bring the food!

Available Seminars

Credit Score 101

  • Who is looking at your score?
  • What drives your score up and down?
  • How much does a low score cost you?
  • How to obtain your free credit report

Surviving Financial Crisis

  • 15 symptoms of financial trouble
  • What to do if your income is reduced
  • How to recession proof your investment strategy

Investing Basics

  • How to set investment goals
  • Determining your attitude toward risk
  • Building your portfolio
  • Avoiding common mistakes

Identity Theft

  • The common ways ID theft happens
  • How to protect yourself
  • Dumpster diving
  • Skimming
  • Phishing
  • "Old-fashioned" stealing
  • Family members you can't trust 

Home-Buying Tips

  • First steps to shop for a home
  • Know the costs involved in a home purchase
  • Differences in mortgage types
  • How to find a house
  • How to apply for a home loan
  • Understand the closing process
  • How to get home buyer assistance

Money Management

  • Setting financial goals
  • Cutting spending waste
  • Building a budget
  • Why your credit is important
  • How to obtain your free credit report

Smart Auto Shopping

  • Make your next car purchase hassle free! Learn what you need to know to go into the dealership with confidence.
  • The benefits of buying used
  • How much car you can afford
  • Learn to decipher financing options and warranties

Super Savers

  • This seminar is a one-hour sample of Dave Ramsey.
  • Learn what it takes to eliminate needless debt
  • Understanding the importance of an emergency savings fund
  • How to start saving 

Wealth Building

  • Six wealth-building tools
  • SMART goal-setting techniques
  • Tax tips to save money and time
  • Pitfalls that drain resources
  • Where to go for help

Employee Motivation

  • Managing job stress
  • Signs of stress
  • How to de-clutter
  • Talking it out
Set Up Your Seminar

Are you ready to share financial success? Call or email Terri Talley* to book one of our seminars. She can be reached at 405-789-7900 ext. 2245.

*Email is not a secure form of communication.  For your protection please do not include any confidential information in your email.