10 Tips for Making Travel More Affordable

June 19, 2017
10 Tips for Making Travel More Affordable

It seems the moment summer starts the photos of friends traveling all around the world seem to pop up on Facebook. If you're like us, you probably wonder, "how on earth do all these people afford these vacations?"

Traveling can get expensive fast. If you're on a budget and frustrated at the lack of cheap vacation ideas out there, maybe some of these tips can help.

  1. Ditch the hotel (think Airbnb).
  2. Stock up on snacks so you can skip convenience store expenses while on the road.
  3. Pack light to avoid checked baggage fees. 
  4. Don't waste food. Stay somewhere with a refrigerator to store leftovers. 
  5. Travel off-season.
  6. Carry your own water.
  7. Be aware of exchange rates so you know exactly how much you're spending.
  8. Use a credit card with no international fees.
  9. Have a travel budget so your expenses don't get out of hand.
  10. Take advantage of miles (and travel bloggers' tricks of the trade).

For a more in depth explanation of each tip, check out the full blog post here.