Current Member- Elaine

RE:  Call Center

I felt the employee was top notch.

Current Member- Barbara

RE:  Edmond Branch

My two golden retrievers REALLY enjoy the milk bones!

Current Member- Sheryl

RE:  Call Center October 2017

Paid a large $ amount on my house principal and employee was wonderful and sent me a recalculated pay off date.

Current Member- Eric

RE:  Edmond Branch October 2017

Lynn is fantastic!  as always.

Current Member- Patricia

RE:  Main Office October 2017

Everyone polite and knowledgeable.

Current Member- Michael

RE:  Corporate Tower Branch October 2017

Hayley is always friendly!

Current Member- Sherie

RE: Edmond Branch July 2017

We always have good experiences with Allegiance at all times!

Current Member- Tina

RE:  Edmond Branch July 2017

Everything has always been handled quickly & efficiently.  All the staff members are friendly and helpful.

Current Member- Karlee

RE:  Main Branch June 2017

Michawn and Amy Downs are AMAZING!  They turned an awful and embarrassing experience into an amazing one and I'm so glad to be a part of the Credit Union.

Current Diamond Eagle Member- Kurt

RE:  Call Center Comment June 2017

Always great service.