Current Member- Emily

RE:  Main Branch September 2018

Always get GREAT service!

Current Member- Gary

RE:  Edmond Branch September 2018

You all are the best!

Current Member- Barbara

RE:  Main Branch August 2018

Professional, personable, quick and accurate

Current Member- Melvin

RE:  Edmond Branch August 2018

Always treated respectfully!

Current Member- Gary

RE:  South Branch July 2018

I have always been treated with kindness, respect since 1964!  My family goes no where else.

Current Member- Gregory

RE:  Main Branch July 2018

Yessica is beyond exceptional!  I have seen Yessica in several positions and in each capacity she was far above my expectations of service.

Current Member- Deone

RE:  Edmond Branch June 2018

Service is exceptionally good!

Current Member- Suzanne

RE:  Main Branch June 2018

Very professional!

Current Member- Kirk

RE:  Edmond Branch May 2018

Sarah Henderson was fantastic!

Current Member- Randall

RE:  Corporate Tower Branch May 2018

Haley is amazing.  So nice and very quick!

Current Member- James

RE:  Call Center April 2018

Always very friendly and helpful.

Current Member- Robert

RE:  Main Branch April 2018

Efficiency with a pleasant attitude.  Nicthed is an asset to your credit union!!  I tell a lot of people how much I love my CU! 

Current Member- Michael

RE:  South Branch March 2018

Enjoyed the help with my grandson.  Really was terrific inside Earnie's Corner and a wonderful learning event for him.  He was able to "phone" in his request, send the tube back and forth.  He helped with the coin to dollars and made his deposit. 

Current Member- Carol

RE:  Edmond Branch March 2018

Lynn is always very helpful and greets my by name.   

Current Member- Thomas

RE:  Edmond Branch February 2018

Lynn is so nice and helpful!

Current Member- Travis

RE:  Corporate Tower Branch February 2018

Hayley is always knowledgeable and pleasant!

Current Member- Penelope

RE:  Corporate Tower Branch February 2018

Moses is the best!  Always goes above and beyond to help me.

Current Member- Scott

RE:  Main Branch January 2018

Nicthed and the other young lady's do an excellent job.

Current Member- D J

RE:  South Branch January 2018

Helpful, friendly, professional employees!

Current Member- David

RE:  Main Branch January 2018

Michawn was awesome!  My family is thankful of both her and Allegiance Credit Union.

Current Member- Sonrisa

RE:  Main Branch December 2017

Michawn was amazing.  She took great care of me when I was scared to death because my card had been stolen.  Thank you so much Michawn.

Current Member- Jadeyn

RE:  South Branch December 2017

Briana is so helpful and caring.

Current Member- Charles

RE:  Main Branch December 2017

Dasha is always perfect!

Current Member- Elaine

RE:  Call Center November 2017

I felt the employee was top notch.

Current Member- Barbara

RE:  Edmond Branch November 2017

My two golden retrievers REALLY enjoy the milk bones!

Current Member- Sheryl

RE:  Call Center October 2017

Paid a large $ amount on my house principal and employee was wonderful and sent me a recalculated pay off date.

Current Member- Eric

RE:  Edmond Branch October 2017

Lynn is fantastic!  as always.

Current Member- Patricia

RE:  Main Office October 2017

Everyone polite and knowledgeable.

Current Member- Michael

RE:  Corporate Tower Branch October 2017

Hayley is always friendly!

Current Member- Sherie

RE: Edmond Branch July 2017

We always have good experiences with Allegiance at all times!

Current Member- Tina

RE:  Edmond Branch July 2017

Everything has always been handled quickly & efficiently.  All the staff members are friendly and helpful.

Current Member- Karlee

RE:  Main Branch June 2017

Michawn and Amy Downs are AMAZING!  They turned an awful and embarrassing experience into an amazing one and I'm so glad to be a part of the Credit Union.

Current Diamond Eagle Member- Kurt

RE:  Call Center Comment June 2017

Always great service.