Promise Points

Promise Points

Think of Allegiance's Promise Points program as an airline reward program -- the more you fly on your favorite airline, the more miles you earn toward free air travel.

So the more you bank, the more you earn!

Through Promise Points, the more Allegiance services you use, the more points you can earn which translate into lower loan rates, earning more money through savings programs, and lower fees on services. Pretty nice, huh?

*Please note. Effective February 1st, 2015 members will no longer earn new Promise Points. However, members can continue to use their earned Promise Points.

Check your Promise Points balance.

Earn Promise Points by...

  • Paying interest on Consumer Loans
    1 point for every $1
  • Earning dividends
    1 point for every $1
  • Refer a Friend
    250 points
  • Becoming a Fan on Facebook
    100 points
  • Sign up for e-Statements
    250 points
  • Being a member every year
    250 points
  • Receiving an insurance quote or consultation from MemberHaven
    500 points

Use Promise Points to...

  • Lower Interest Rate on new consumer loans
    0.25% for 2500 points
  • Increase Dividend Rate on new CD's
    0.25% for 2500 points
  • Waive mortgage fees up to $100
    2,500 points
  • Waive a NSF Fee*
    1000 points (applies to the last 30 days)
  • Waive fees
    Fee Amount x10 (applies to the last 30 days)