ATM/Check Cards

Get the one card that gives you fast and easy ATM access and the power to make purchases where VISA Check Cards are accepted. Use your check card instead of cash or writing a check and the amount is deducted from your share draft / checking account.

For existing card holders call the Call Center at 405-789-7900 option 0

For new cardholders apply here

Basic Check Card Choices - Free

  • Style 1 - US Flag
  • Style 2 - Silver
  • Style 5 - Checkered
  • Style 10 - Orange Illusion
  • Style 15 - Camo
  • Style 25 - Pink
  • Pink Card and Mini Card

    $5.00 Style 51

    Pink card and mini card

    Basic Check Card

    1. A no frills, full-sized card convenient for ATMs or gas pumps that require full card insertion.
  • My Photo Card and Minicard

    $10.00 Style 20

    My photo card

    My Photo Card

    1. Features a color photo in upper left corner of your card.
    2. Helps prevent others from using your card if it’s lost or stolen.
    3. Enables merchants and others to identify that you are the one authorized to use the card.
  • Basic Free Card and Minicard

    $5.00 Style 64

    Basic card and mini card

    Mini Card

    1. The Mini check card easily fits on a key ring. Get through the line faster by not having to dig through your purse or wallet when shopping
    2. You can use your mini check card in most card swipe readers at your favorite shopping locations.