Business Development Officers Andy Harrison and Terri Talley


Allegiance loves to share! We have developed a set of money-smart seminars that we take on the road to any business or organization that is interested.

We can arrange your seminar to take place during lunch, and we'll even bring the food!

Call or email Terri Talley* or Andy Harrison* to book one of our seminars. They can be reached at 405-789-7900.

*For your protection, please do not include any confidential information in your email.

"Thanks very much for all your help as well as the seminars you have given in the past. The service you provided is invaluable!" -- from a member that recently attended one of our Identity Theft Seminars.

Seminars available are:

Credit Score 101

  • Who is looking at your score?
  • What drives your score up and down?
  • How much does a low score cost you?
  • How to obtain your free credit report

Surviving Financial Crisis

  • 15 Symptoms of Financial Trouble
  • What to do if Your Income is Reduced
  • How to Recession Proof your Investment Strategy

Investing Basics

  • How to set investment goals
  • Determining your attitude toward risk
  • Building your portfolio
  • Avoiding common mistakes

Identity Theft

  • The common ways ID Theft happens
  • How to protect yourself
  • Dumpster Diving
  • Skimming
  • Phishing
  • "Old-Fashioned" Stealing
  • Family Members You Can't Trust

Home-Buying Tips

  • First steps to shop for a home
  • Know the costs involved in a home purchase
  • Differences in mortgage types
  • How to find a house
  • How to apply for a home loan
  • Understand the closing process
  • How to get home buyer assistance

Money Management

  • Setting financial goals
  • Cutting spending waste
  • Building a budget
  • Why your credit is important
  • How to obtain your free credit report

Smart Auto Shopping

Make your next car purchase hassle free! Learn what you need to know to go into the dealership with confidence.

  • The Benefits of Buying Used
  • How Much Car You Can Afford
  • Learn to Decipher Financing Options and Warranties

Super Savers

This seminar is a one-hour sample of Dave Ramsey.

  • Learn what it takes to eliminate needless debt
  • Understanding the importance of an Emergency Savings Fund
  • How to Start Saving

Wealth Building

  • Six wealth-building tools
  • SMART goal-setting techniques
  • Tax tips to save money and time
  • Pitfalls that drain resources
  • Where to go for help

Employee Motivation

  • Managing job stress
  • Signs of stress
  • How to de-clutter
  • Talking it out