Popmoney Answers

What is Popmoney?

Popmoney is person-to-person payment service accessible through BillPayer. Popmoney users pay you directly with email or text. No bank information is necessary. To use Popmoney members must be enrolled in BillPayer.

How do I access Popmoney?

Sign into Allegiance Online

Select Bill Payment

Select Pay Bills

Select Popmoney

  • To Send Money - You just need the person's name and email address or cell phone number. There is a .50 fee for each initiated transfer
  • To Get Money – "Claim" your money using the Transaction Code received in an email or text.

What are the additional options?

  • Directly deposit the money into the recipient's account if you already have their account information, but the account information is not necessary. The recipient will then receive notification of the deposit.
  • Send money with an e-Greeting at no cost! Choose from several styles.
  • Send a gift card instead of cash. Choose between 250 national retailers, specify the amount, and the card will be mailed to the receiver's physical address.
  • Set up a scheduled payment up to one year in the future.
  • Set up recurring payments.

Where can I get additional information?

Call customer service at (877) 675-6378. Click here: https://www.popmoney.com/help.html

Could there be a phone carrier issue?

Some phone carriers do not send the notification messages thru depending on what kind of service the recipient has on their mobile phone and whether they have allowed notifications texts or not. If this happens, the recipient needs to go online to www.popmoney.com and enter their cell# in the box. Their payment should come up showing the amount and the person who sent the money. All they have to do after that is enter where they want the funds deposited (Name of Bank, Routing # & Acct#) and the funds should be there the next business day. They can call customer service at (877) 675-6378 if they have any questions.