Online Banking Answers

HELP! How do I use Allegiance Online Banking?

Go to the Allegiance Online login screen.

1. Type in your User ID, which is your account number.

2. Click on Log In (the blue box).

3. Answer your Challenge Question.

4. Enter your password after you verify your Passphrase and your Image.

5. The screen which appears will show you your accounts at a glance. The summary includes a list of your accounts, current balance and available balance.

6. By clicking on the horizontal tabs you can Transfer Funds, utilize Bill Payer, use Account Services, view and change your Preferences and view eDocuments.

7. A quick transfer between accounts can be made using the Quick Transfer box at the right of your screen.

8. The Design Your Site box is located near the bottom of your screen. This feature allows you to have news, weather and stocks displayed on your screen.

9. The Resources box is located next to the Design Your Site box near the bottom of your screen. This feature gives you access to apply for a loan, shop online for cars, find credit union service centers, manage your VISA card, order checks and check your Promise Points.

10. The Cell Phone Setup box is located next to the Design Your Site box near the bottom of your screen. This is valuable information about accessing your accounts using your cell phone.

I cannot log in because it says that the system is currently unavailable.

If you are trying to connect at 7am on the weekdays, you will not be able to log on because the information systems department takes the system down daily at this time for processing. Please wait 15 to 30 minutes and try again.

However, if it happens any other time of the day there are several things you can do to make sure that the connection problem is not on your end.

1) Try exiting your browser, pulling the site up again and pressing reload.

2) If that still does not work, delete your temporary Internet folders (cache) and restart your browser. To delete your temporary Internet folders in Internet explorer go to "tools" and then "internet options" and finally "delete temporary Internet files." If you are in Netscape go to "Edit" then to "preference" and then "advanced" and finally "cache." Then clear all cache.

3) Try changing your security settings. Go to the "Tools" menu, and then choose "Internet Options". Next, click on the "Security" tab. Next, choose the "Trusted Sites" icon. Using the "sites" button to the right, add to the trusted sites zone. Hit the OK button to close that box, and OK one more time to close the security settings.

4) If you still get the error message, go back to the "Trusted Sites" icon, and choose the "Custom Level" button. In the next box, scroll down until you come to the "Scripting" area, and make sure that "Active Scripting" is enabled for this zone.

5) If you still cannot connect to Allegiance Online, check to see what cipher strength you are using. To do this, go to "Help" and then "About Internet Explorer." A menu will pop up and will tell you what your Cipher Strength is. It is best to have 128-bit cipher strength to connect to Allegiance Online. If you do not have this much, notice there is a link to the side that asks you if you want to update. You can go directly to Internet Explorer's download page by clicking that link. You may also click here:

If you still cannot connect to Allegiance Online, do not hesitate to contact us. It is probably a problem on our end, or a problem within your browser that we are not aware of. We will be glad to help you.

When I enter my member number and password I get a message that says "Incorrect log-in: user ID or password is invalid". Why is that?

Your account was locked out due to improper PIN entry. You get three bad pin tries before you are locked out of your account. This feature is set up to prevent strangers from trying to randomly guess your password and succeed in getting into your personal account information. However, it can also be a pain if you make a mistake. To gain entry to this password you can download and print this form and it will prompt you for all the information we need to give you access to your account again, and is a more secure way for you to give us your account information rather than through email.

Or, you can go to the Allegiance Online page, sign in with your User Id and on the next page where you need to enter your password, click "Forgot Password" (located below password box). After you answer the questions correctly, you will be able to select a new password. If the questions are not answered exactly to what we have on file, you will not be able to change your password online.

How safe is it to view my account through Allegiance Online?

When processing transactions or viewing account information through Homebanking, the exchange of information is secured in several ways. Before you process a single transaction, your browser and our server establish a secure communications channel.

First, our server sends our security certificate to your browser so it can verify that you are actually connected to Allegiance Credit Union, and not an "imposter."

Then your browser and our server each generate keys, which are used to scramble and unscramble the information being sent between the two. This scrambling (called encryption) uses a special algorithm to hide the meaning of information that is passed between your browser and us to make it nearly impossible for anyone else to decode your personal account information.

Why is your website saving my password? I thought this was a secure connection?!

If your password is being saved, the issue is with your browser. Allegiance Credit Union does not ever store your password on our web site. This can especially be a problem if other people have access to your computer but is easily remedied. To solve this problem in Internet Explorer go to the "Tools" menu, then choose "Internet Options". Next choose the "Content" tab. Next click the "Auto Complete" button, and make sure that the "User Names and Passwords on forms" selection is not checked. Before you save this, click the "Clear Passwords" button. For increased security, you can also clear the "Forms" checkboxes, and also click the "Clear Forms" button.

When I click on the logoff button in Allegiance Online I get a warning.

Many times older browser versions will give you errors unnecessarily. There is not a problem with your account information security when you get this warning. Your browser is just unnecessarily warning you that you will no longer be on a secure Internet server after logging off. However, since you will not be viewing your sensitive account information after logging off it does not matter. You may want to upgrade to a newer browser to prevent getting errors like this in the future

How do I know my personal information is safe?

We have taken several steps to guarantee safety of your information during Internet transactions. When you connect to our home banking site, you need a browser that complies to the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) specification. This is an accepted standard for digital encryption.

Most popular web browsers, especially Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are capable of conducting a secure session with an SSL enabled web server.

The next line of defense is your PIN. The Allegiance Credit Union user authentication system consists of a user account number that is validated against a password. For additional security, these passwords are stored on the transaction host which communicates only a valid or invalid condition back to the Remote Banking Server. After a predetermined number of unsuccessful attempts, usually three, the transaction host will turn on a flag and lock out the account until a Financial Institution service representative has un-flagged the record, which will occur only after the member has called in.