Checking & Savings Answers

When will the credit union pay dividends (interest)?

Dividends will be paid at the end of the month on checking accounts, and quarterly on savings accounts.

How can I order checks?

You can order checks online at our website if you click "Services" and select the "reorder checks" from the menu items. You can mail or fax your reorder form to the Credit Union at: P.O. Box 57020, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7020, fax (405) 789-1085. You can also drop off your reorder form at one of our branch locations, or contact the call center during our business hours.

How can I transfer funds between accounts?

You can transfer funds between suffixes (such as from a members' checking account to a savings account) through Allegiance Anytime, our 24-hour automated phone service, Allegiance Online, our online banking service, over the counter at one of our branches, or service centers, and by calling our call center during business hours. You can transfer between different accounts (such as from your account to a separate account for a child) at the credit union, using the same services, provided that your name is on both accounts or a letter stating that you can transfer to or from another account is on file with the credit union. The credit union must set the accounts up as cross-accounts before you can transfer between two different account numbers.

How can I add someone else to my account?

To add a joint owner to your account, the new joint owner needs to fill out the joint owner information on an account card. All current owners need to sign on the same account card. Joint owners are subject to approval by the credit union.

How can I remove a joint owner from my account?

A joint owner has equal rights and ownership of the account that he/she is on, and can only be removed by his/her own signature. Only the signature of the person to be removed is required. Other owners don't need to sign.

What is an agent on an account?

An agent has full access to the account. Agents can make deposits, withdrawals, and receive information on the account. They cannot close the account and they can be removed from the account at any time without their signature.

What kind of overdraft protection does the Credit Union offer?

The credit union offers several different ways to protect your account against overdrafts. We can set up your checking to automatically transfer from your savings or money market accounts, even if they are under another account number in your name. You can use this service up to 6 times a month at no charge. You can also take advantage of Overdraft Privilege.

How can I stop payment on a check or automatic debit?

If the check or debit has not cleared, you can sign a stop payment form. There is a $20.00 fee. Please call our Call Center at

(405) 789-7900 press 0 and a representative would be glad to help you. If you have Allegiance Online (home banking), you can place a stop payment on a check. After logging into Allegiance Online, please click "Account Services" then click "Stop Payment."

How do I set up an automatic debit?

If the automatic debit comes from another financial institution or company then you must set up the debit with that institution or company. If the debit is on the credit union, you can inform us by mail or fax, P.O. Box 57020, Oklahoma City, OK 73157-7020, fax (405) 491-6121. You can call us during business hours, visit one of our branches, or e-mail us at*

*Email is not a secure form of communication. For your protection please do not include any confidential information in your email.

What do I need to do for a deceased account holder?

The Credit Union must have a copy of the original death certificate for our files. If it is a copy, we must be able to see the certified seal or have it notarized. Once we have the death certificate, we will be able to process the account. If the joint owner is a spouse, we can transfer the account to the spouse. Depending on the account, and if there is any insurance, IRA claims, or holds to be made, it can be lengthy process. If there are any active loans or Visa cards on the account, the other account holder may have to re-apply to get it moved to their name.