BillPayer Answers

What is BillPayer?

BillPayer is the Credit Union's online service that allows members to pay their bills over the Internet. With this service you will not have to write checks or lick stamps any more!

How do I enroll in BillPayer?

You must enroll in Allegiance Online Banking before you can use BillPayer. Enroll in Allegiance Online now.

If you are already using Allegiance Online Banking all you have to do is log on and in the top menu you will find an option called "Enroll BillPayer," and then follow the instructions.

Is there a tutorial I can watch?

Yes, click here.

How much is it to use BillPayer?

*Free. Some restrictions apply.

Who can be paid with BillPayer?

Almost anyone! Over 75,000 companies are listed within the program, and custom payees can be added. There are, however, some payments, such as tax payments, court-ordered payments and payments to payees outside the U.S. that cannot be made. Our program guides you through the process of setting up merchants/payees.

Can I add an authorized user to my BillPayer service?

Any person that you allow access to Allegiance Online will also have access to your BillPayer service. Remember that giving someone else access to Allegiance Online gives them full control of your funds and thus anyone that you give access to Allegiance Online should be a joint owner on your account.

How long does it take for a payment to reach a merchant/payee?

When initially setting up a payment, allow at least 10 business days for the payment to reach the merchant/payee. Thereafter, allow at least five business days.

What do I do with the invoice or payment coupon I normally send with my check?

You do not need to send the coupon to your merchant. As long as you include your account number when paying through BillPayer, your merchant will credit that account.

Do my merchants/payees need to know that I will now pay them through BillPayer?

No, it is not necessary to notify your merchants/payees that you will be submitting your payments through BillPayer.

How is the payment sent to my merchant/payee?

If a merchant will accept electronic payments, your bills will be paid electronically. Merchants/payees who cannot accept payments electronically will receive a check through the mail.

Can I set up BillPayer to send recurring payments?

Yes, by completing the recurring payments section, the same amount will automatically be sent every month until you edit or delete the payment. If you have a recurring payment but the amount changes each month, you can establish a recurring payment as indicated, but each month you would change the amount manually. Another option would be to establish a one-time payment each month.

How does the payment post to my account and appear on my statement?

Payments are deducted from your checking account shortly after they are processed. They will appear on your statement as payments to the merchant/payee.