Allegiance Anytime / Telephone Teller Answers

How do I use Allegiance Anytime Telephone Teller?

Allegiance Anytime Transaction Cheat Sheet

So that you do not have to remember every code for every transaction you would like to do on Allegiance Anytime we have come up with a cheat sheet for your convenience!

Remember when using Allegiance Anytime that a touch-tone telephone is required. Know your account number and authorization code before calling.

  • 0=Share/Savings Account
  • 3=Share Draft/Checking
  • Be sure to enter the pound key (#) after each entry.
  • Use the star key (*) for a decimal point. (ex: 50*00 for $50.00)

At the end of each call, you will be given a call number which appears on your next statement to identify your Allegiance Anytime transactions.